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Bringing Customized Technology Solutions to Businesses and Homes Since 1999

Lighting Control

Set the perfect ambiance for every room and see significant savings on your energy bill, with:

  • Individually preset lighting scenes to suit every need. Illuminate an office or conference room when in use or not in use, set a lighting mode for the whole house room-by-room or set a mood for an occasion—you are in control.
  • AVS offers keypads and touchscreen solutions to control lighting from multiple rooms down to individual light fixtures, and remote access from virtually anywhere using your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Climate Control

Smart climate control makes it easy for you to set the perfect temperature of your office or home regardless of the season or other conditions. Create a comfortable environment by making adjustments from the same touch screen you use to control your lights, shades, and audio/video system. Monitor and control your thermostats from a mobile device if you left your AC blasting when left home or turn up the heat before you return on a cold day. Heating and cooling your space can be expensive and our climate control solutions save you energy with programmed settings and integration to a smart home automation system.

Shading Control

With motorized blinds and shades, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your space to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors. Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain and provide UV protection. AVS can synchronize with the lighting systems to maximize energy conservation based on geographic location, time of day, and your needs. There are hundreds of window treatment fabric and color options available to complement any décor.

Audio/Video Distribution

Get the rich and versatile media experiences you’re looking for without the tangle of wires, cable boxes, speakers, and bulky TV displays, with:

  • High-definition flatscreen displays installed virtually anywhere – on walls, above fireplaces, even hidden inside cabinetry
  • High-capacity, high-speed media servers and distribution equipment that provide music, TV, movies, and streaming Internet content everywhere in the house from one centrally-located equipment rack
  • High-performance gaming systems
  • Audio systems with flush-mounted, hidden speakers installed in any room and outdoors
  • iPod docking systems to share or access personal music collections throughout the home

Commercial Integrated Room Control For Collaborative Services

Productivity for important rooms in your business such as a conference room, boardroom, or huddle space is increased when all the smart technology and subsystems work together with simple control. When presenting to clients from a laptop, pressing a single “Presentation” button dims lights, lowers blackout shades, turns on video display, and audio. By integrating everything in a room from audio, video, lights, window treatments, networking, and communications you have complete and easy control from a single touch screen, keypad, remote or mobile device. No more walking over to turn off lights and lower shades or wasting time and getting frustrated during in-person or video conference meetings.

Video Conferencing

  • Boardrooms
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Boardroom/Conference Room

Link your New York office to with the Chicago office in just one touch without leaving the boardroom. A commercial automation system makes it possible for virtually everything in your office or business to work together, from lights to thermostats, TVs to projectors, audio systems to communication, and much more so your ideas of control can be as unique as your business. A boardroom or conference room stuck in the old century surely can’t meet the efficiency, productivity, and elegance of a boardroom integrated with the most up-to-date systems modern technology has to offer. Gather around, and “Get It Done” in class with a single ease-to-use touch device to control the room for multi-media presentations, telepresence or video conferencing. With the right conference room technology, you’ll be set up for success.

Featured Project

The client needed a collaborative conference room that would be flexible enough to be used for executive meetings as well as for audio/video conferencing with their offices around the world.